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SIC Manual for sic-

Explanation of Plugins


This plugin converts rgb-image to L*a*b*-image, and vise versa. Color space L*a*b* is similar to a color space that human visual system feels. The values of L*a*b* are as almost same as photoshop's L*a*b*, so you can use L*a*b* image created by Photoshop.

This plugin finds short rodsfrom a source photo image and shows the result in new window. SIC use not only color source image but texture source image to create a work. This is one of remarkable characteristics about SIC. The result image of this plugin is used as the texture source image.

This plugin divides the source photo image into smallest areas. The result is shown as green segmented image and a file like map in a new window. This plugin use the texture source image created by a previous plugin.

This plugin converts the result of 2GKmeanAlgo to vector data. Scalability of SIC cause to this vector Data like map_28.

This plugin merges the similar segments and puts the results into new files like map_28_merged and unifymap_28_merged.

This plugin add the characteristics of a human vision to the vector data like map_28_merged_imp or map_28_merged_abst

this plugin creates many kinds of blush strokes. The result is shown in a green reconstructed image.

This plugin paints blush strokes in the reconstructed image with color map sets created by 3-GKIAnalyse.

This plugin show the history of applied plugins in a final work and intermediate image datafiles..

2-4GKReconstCompose not available yet

2-5GKSubstCompose not available yet

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