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If you are interested in this project, please, join this project or two sub Projects.
You can very easily create high quality pictures by using of SIC scripts.

Synergistic Art Project
The objectives of Synergistic Art Project are
1 to unify art and science by using and revising SIC(Synergistic Image Creator),
2 to build a worldwide community to create cooperatively totally new 2D-CG expressions,
3 to present a new CG art works to industry related to design.

About This Site (which has many parts you can contribute)
This site has a wide variety of contents related to SIC. The SIC consists of plural plug-ins which are being increased by project member's efforts. In accordance with the increase, a rich variety of the plug-in combinations will increase too. We are now planing to make sources of SIC open sources. In a while, only binary of SIC and scripts are, however, provided free of charge. Please, download SIC in the download corner on this site and try to use it, The manual and guidebook are accessible in the Workshop on this site. If you create new works by SIC, please send it by mail. I will show it in the Gallery in this site. page show how to contribute to synergistic art project and two sub projects below. If you are interested these project, Please join us.

Sub Projects
Webcam Art Project : First, we create the works by SIC from images on webcams around the world. Second, We show the works to the owner of the webcam and have them send the comments about the works we made. Last, We compile comments and SIC Image into the webcam art and show it. If a webcam owner wants the our works, we'll send enlarged one. SIC can enlarge images smoothly and this is one of SIC's main feature-->Gallery of WebcamArt

Algorithmic Art Project(in Preparation):This project is that many programers work together to revise the program to increase the expressions of SIC. SIC is composed of several plugins and each one has different functions. Only two plugins directly have relation with expressions of SIC. The change of several lines of program could produce the totally new expression. However, if you don't know the way to write programs very well, you could produce new expressions. The art work created by SIC has history of processing this image in the comment area of it. We regard not only image but history of process as an art work.-->Art Gallery

SIC(Synergistic Image Creator)
SIC is software that is based on computer simulation of the process where a painter paints a picture by looking at a model, and is further to create new CG works that are not available so far in the world. Currently, I have managed to operate it as a GIMP plug-in in Linux and Windows using C language.

The SIC is composed of plural plug-ins. They are divided into two groups: one is to analyze images based on the sense of sight by a creator, and the other is to add the creator's expressions/impressions.

Features of the SIC
You have been seeing numerous CG works using filters that are commercially available. If you can use Photoshop or GIMP, you might have created a painterly image by filtering a digital photo image. When you looked at the output image, you might have said with a sign, "Everybody can create the same digital art as mine. It is not my original art." Or "I pretended to make up a painting just as a copy of a real painting. It seems superficial. But I don't have any experiences of practicing a real painting method using a tablet, etc. at an art school."

However, you can demonstrate your creativity with no regard to your painting ability. Even if students at art schools can make a good sketch, some of them don't have a good creativity. You just happen to have no chance to practice sketching. It is a bit early to give up creating your own art. The one of the SIC's objective is to help people who have a potential creativity show their original expressions.

You can tackle The SIC at three levels below.

1 Almost completely automatic processing with scripts
we have developed many expressions at any chance and the procedures of creating such expressions were recorded into scripts. These scripts can be download at the Download page

2 Exploring new expression by finding your own cropper combination of plugins
When you create one expression, several plugins used sequentially. Because these plugins has many parameters, the number of the combination is very large. In consequence, you can create a new expression by just combination of plugins. The art work created by SIC has processing history which recorded all plugin's name and parameters, so this history can be referred for creating new your own expression. Not only Workshop page but Gallery page is important for the person to try to create his own expression,

3 Developing totally new expression by changing several lines of a plugin
This is the Algorithmic Art Project. Please check Contribution page in this site.

Farther about SIC
If you use scripts of SIC, you can easily create fantastic image. But without scripts, the SIC is not an easy-to-use software by which everyone can create a great CG work. People who have a good creativity and aesthetic sense can only use the SIC well.

The process of art creation by the SIC is composed of numerous steps. All of the steps are based on the human sense of sight. There are lots of paintings that are closely related to the process of vision, such as Paul Gauguin's style of painting capturing an object by its contour and large color portions, Georges Seurat's pointillism capturing an object by small color points to express light. As you can understand from the above, it is important for art expression to add variations in each step.

The SIC employs a micro uniform color portion looking like a touch of paintbrush as the minimum paint unit. That is, the SIC does not trace the surface of an image by a brush like by other available paint filters, but it can produce various expressions by using a touch of paintbrush (i.e.: a micro uniform color portion) as the unit. Though you might deem the SIC a simple paint filter, there exists a big difference between the SIC and other available filters. The SIC can code the whole micro uniform color portions and store the codes, and based on them, a suitable paintbrush is given onto the required areas. This is a basic operation of art expression. Painters use a paintbrush as the minimum unit for giving an artistic expression. To put it forcibly, it can be said that paintings are created by variations of a touch of paintbrush.

As mentioned above, your creativity should be stimulated by the two characteristics: giving variations in each step of image editing having the sense of sight, and giving expressions by a touch of a preferable paintbrush in a desired area

In spite of the above discussion, a big issue of art expression is, 'How a creator feels an object when he/she saw it and how the creator expresses what he/she felt.' First you have something touching to your heart and you feel like expressing it on your own style. The SIC is a good tool for people who feel like expressing something touching, but don't have a skill in creating an artwork. That is the reason why the SIC is built to create an artwork in accordance with your creativity.

You can produce many types of expression by only changing the parameters of SIC. If you want to create really your own expression, you should try programing. With the very little knowledge of C, You can create your own expressions. Why don't you try Art by algorithm?

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