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PA00=0 PA00=1 PA00=2 PA00=3 PA00=4 PA03=0 PA05=0 PA06=0 PA09=0 PA09=1 PA10=0 PA12=0 PA13=0 PA13=1 PA14=0 PA16=0 PA16=1 PA22=0 PA25=0 PA25=1 PA26=0 PA27=1 PA27=2 PA29=0 PA30=1 PA30=2 PA30=3 PA30=4 PA30=5 PB00=0 PB00=1 PB16=0 PC00=0 <- Script Selection Bar














Examples of image creation
by scripts

With Scripts (available from the Selection Bar above),
You Can Easily Create Your Works.

You can download scripts from Script Selection Bar above. Your click of a small square in a Script Selection Bar shows the page which has art work and a link to download the script creating this art work.
If you find your favorite artwork, you can create one like this artwork by yourself with the script.
You must get the apropriate version of SIC on which your selected script can work.
For preparation for use, the first thing you have to do is to put the scripts you selected into the directory "~/.gimp-1.x/scripts".

Three scripts groups
A Group start with PA : Basic Process
for examples

PA00=0(PA01 in v1.1) produces similar size brush strokes,
PA00=3(PA02 in v1.1) produces many different size of brush stroke from small one to very large one.
PA00=4(PA03 in v1.1) made by Mr. Kido.

B Group start with PB: Arranging Texture Image
SIC utilizes not only photo image but a texture image produced from a photo image to create art works. These scripts below arrange the texture image by GIMP filter before using SIC. This modified texture image makes new unusual expressions.
for examples
(PB01 in v1.1) adds radial motion blur to fringe of a texture image.
PB00=1(PB02 in v1.1) adds circular motion blur to fringe of a texture image.
PB16=0(PB03 in v1.1) adds mosaic-like texture to texture image.

C Group start with PC: using a color scheme of masterpiece of painting.
First, download a color scheme file below. Second, change the file name to map_28_merged_source. Last, apply this script; PC01.
for example
(PC01 in v1.1) produces art works by using of a color scheme of a masterpiece of painting, You can get a color scheme file "map_28_merged_Portrait_of_Max_Jacob" at the page of PC00=0

How to use scripts start with P
Download a Sample Image and start GIMP at the directory which a sample image is in.
At this time, plugins of sic- or sic- have to be put into the directory " ~/.gimp-1.x/plug-ins " sic- and sic- can be download here.

2 Open the Sample image "hisago.jpg".
Apply the script whose name begin with P, for example PA01 to this image. Then, many windows are going to be created sequentially. Finally, the oil-painting-like work with twice dimention of original image is created.

Like this example, the script whose name begin with P can directly apply to a photo image. But, some old scripts start with letters except P are explained bellow

On the way to image creation, the green image below being same size of an original photo should be created.

3 Save this image with name of "segmented.xcf". Lossy type compression file like jpeg should not be used.

4 To the green image "segmented.xcf", apply the script whose name starts with characters except P , for example A=14, then this type of scripts can execute a farther process left. Finally, The twice enlarged art work with another kind of expression is created. Scripts begin with A,B or C are the same.

You can modify the works made by scprips acording to your taste

The copyrights of these scripts is belong to each creator.

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