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Your contributions are welcomed.
You can contribute many parts of this project. Regarding two sub-projects below, we will be glad the many people are interested in these projects.
Besides two projects, we need your help.

Please send me the image created by SIC. I will show the image in the Gallery Page with script created from a process history with the image. This new script will be a reference for other people who want to try.

If you use the image you created by SIC for web design or something, let me know that.

WebcamArt Project
You can see the work that Internet webcam artists created while he tripped around the world by Webcam.
Go WebcamArt (in preparation. An old page is here.)

Algorithmic Art Project
Gallery 2: Algorithmic Art has original images created by changing only several lines of plugin program.
If you try Algorithmic Art, download SIC- or more higher version and read README.htm documnet. For question, please send me a E-mail.

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