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What's New

Many art works have been added in Gallery.
"The scripts of SIC to create these art works has been added in Workshop also."

List of SIC Works Awarded or Presented in the Media.
SIGGRAPH 2002 Art Gallery : " Sapporo" atsushi KASAO 2002
ART PAINT DESIGN COMPETITION 2001: excellence award "The Hudson River" atsushi KASAO 2001
9th Toyama CG Contest: excellence award "Shinjyuku" Atsushi KASAO2001
Tokyo Graphic Fair - CG Art Exhibition - Excellent Prize Selected by Judges "Urban Forests" by Yui Osawa 2000
Toray 1st Digital Art Contest - Excellent Prize "Golden Retriever Passed Away to Star Dusts" by Yui Osawa 1997
TORAY ART GALLERY "Toray Art Gallery "Worn-out Sweater" Yui OSAWA 1996
Nikkei CG - September 1996 p7 "Knitted Golden Retriever" Yui OSAWA 1996

SIC Related Links
SIC for Windows: The site of developing SIC for WIndows by Inoue (in Japanese).
Trial use of Synergistic Image Creator: by Icchy (in Japanese).
Let's try to use SIC: Introduction to SIC by Kondoh(in Japanese).
ASCII Linux Column: : Kuppo's Guided Tour of SIC - Let's compete with great works of Picasso by everyone's creativity! (in Japanese)

Related Papers
Linux GIMP's Plugins: the Fusion of Art and Science through SIC - the Change of several lines in SIC program produces CG with a great deal of personality. - PDF(in Japanese)award of excellence presentation Linux Conference 2001 (2001)
Synergistic Image Creator: A Painting System Weighted with Painting Process (in Japanese) Atsushi KASAO and Masayuki NAKAJIMA (IEICE Vol. J81-D-II, No.4, pp. 671-680) (1998)
A Resolution Independent Nonrealistic Imaging System for Artistic Use (IEEE Multimedia Systems '98 pp358-367)(1998)

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