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This page introduces my project to make large-size (poster-size) works based on small webcam images on the Internet. The works here are exhibited together with comments of webcam masters, so it is oriented toward communication art between digital art creators and WebCam masters.
First, I create a digital artwork from a webcam image and ask the webcam master for comments.
Second, if the master agrees to exhibit the art and I can receive his/her comments within one month from the time I ask him or her comments, a large size artwork is shown in this site.
And, the webcam master can use the art on his/her webcam site. Third, when there is no reply from the webcam master or the webcam master doesn't agree to put his/her comments together with the art, I don't make a link to the large artwork on this site but their thumbnails are left on this site.
Last, if webcam master want a poster-size printout, I will send him that.

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