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Preparation for SIC

For Windows users,
When you uncompress this package, you need put All plugins in "plug-ins" into the folder "GIMP\plug-ins".

In my case,
these are put into "C:\Program Files\GIMP\plug-ins"

If this package has locale folder that has "ja\LC_MESSAGES\plugin-sic.mo"
To put this file into the folder of a counterpart below "GIMP" folder make you to use Japanese.

In my case,
That folder is "C:\Program Files\GIMP\locale\ja\LC_MESSAGES"

For Linux users,

You should put sic plugins in Plug-ins into the folder "~/.gimp-1.x/plug-ins" below your home directory.

If this package has locale folder that has "locale/ja/LC_MESSAGES/plugin-sic.mo"
To put this file into the folder of a counterpart below "GIMP" folder make you to use Japanese.

In my case,
locale/ja/LC_MESSAGES/plugin-sic.mo is put into "/usr/local/share/locale/JA/LC_MESSAGES" with root privileges.

Then,SIC's interface is shown in Japanese.

Starting of GIMP

For windows users,
If you start GIMP with a shortcut on your desktop, every files that SIC needs will be created in the folder "images". In general it located " C:\Program Files\GIMP\images."

When you adjust the pointer on the shortcut of GIMP and crick the right baton on your mouse, the property window will open. In this window, you can change the folder to be created map files in.

when you finish the creation about one photo image and you want to process another photoimage, you should better to move already created files into other folder. If you don't do this, images and files like maps are overwrited by new one.

For Linux user,
GIMP should be started in the directory where you want to create map files

when you finish the creation about one photo image and you want to change other photoimage, you have to make new directory for a new photo image. If you don't do this, the already created files like maps are overwrited. If you want to use the same directory, you transfer these files to other folder. In other world, if you created new works, you would better to move files(map, map_28, ...) or create a new directory for new works.

Preparation for Algorithmic Art

Now, only For Linux user

The package (version > contains not only binaries of SIC but two source files of SIC plug-ins in src folder.

If you have installed Gimp Developer Package, you could compile these two plugins that are gk_reconstruct_image.c and gk_subst_color.c. The gk_reconstruct_image.c makes your favorite shapes of brushstrokes and gk_subst_color.c paints the brushstrokes with your favorite color scheme.

These two plugins has many shapes and color of brushstrokes already. Then, you can select one of them by mode parameter and adjust them by other parameters. Different mode creates totally different expression but the differences of program are just several lines.

You can find the special part of the programs corresponding to each mode. That' why, you can create your own expression easily by referring to the other resisted expression. I recommend you to try gk_subst_color.c fast. Mode numbers, 18 and 19 in this program are reserved for your own expression.

If you could create fantastic expression, that would be possible to be registered by us. Please let me know your new expression.

Purpose of Algorithmic Art Project is that many people create their own expressions and add them to SIC.

Compile and install

In this directory, say sic-, type these lines below.

$ ./configure
$ CFLAGS="-O2 -mpentium" ./configure --prefix=/usr
$ make
$ make install-plug-ins

Move to a directory containing the source photo image and restart GIMP.

A procedure for using SIC in different environments.

Author: Takashi Kido (takasi2001@hotmail.com)
05/03/2002 (Rev. 0.3)


This is to instruct you in how to use the SIC that was made by VineLinux 2.1 Standard (gimp-1.1.27), in a different environment of RedHat Linux 7.2 (gimp-1.2.1).

This technique described hereunder could be a reference when the SIC is used in other environments.

When you start gimp after the SIC is installed in the directory of plug-ins,@you will experience a huge amount of error logs as shown below. This is due to the difference between the version of gimp when the SIC was made and the current version of gimp being used for the SIC.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
LibGimp-WARNING **: gimp: wire_read: unexpected EOF
error in loading shared libraries: libgimpui-1.1.so.27:
cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Generally, it is not highly recommended to use the SIC with a different version of gimp. However, when the version is gimp-1.1.24 or higher, the specifications of functions, etc should be the same (note that this is not confirmed), you can use the SIC in accordance with the following procedure:

Explanation below is made on the assumption that gimp has been installed in:
You can confirm the above by typing for example:
$ which gimp
then, the following is responded:
When gimp is installed in '/usr/local', you can see:

1) First, enter root.
$ su

2) Move to the library ('lib') under '/usr' in which gimp is installed
# cd /usr/lib

3) Confirm that there are libraries of gimp. The name of libraries may differ depending on the environments.

# ls -F libgimp*
libgimp-1.2.so.2 libgimp.so libgimpui.la*
libgimp-1.2.so.2.0.0* libgimpui-1.2.so.2 libgimpui.so
libgimp.a libgimpui-1.2.so.2.0.0*
libgimp.la* libgimpui.a

Sj In this case, the libraries that the SIC is requesting are the following two:

Make symbolic links to the files corresponding to gimp-1.2.1. Following after the '-s' option of 'In', input 'libgimp(ui)-1.x.so.0.0.x' in your system and 'libgimp(ui)-1.x.so.x' that the SIC requires.

# ln -s libgimpui-1.2.so.2.0.0 libgimpui-1.1.so.27
# ln -s libgimp-1.2.so.2.0.0 libgimp-1.1.so.27

5) Start gimp. It is successful if there are no error logs appearing on the console. Confirm that the SIC appears on the menu bar.
6) When you uninstall the SIC, you should also delete the symbolic links, just in case.


It looks that symbolic links are available for Gimp-1.1.24 or higher.
However, when you are using a different distribution of Linux from Vine Linux 2.1, unconformity of versions, such as glibc and gtk+, might cause the SIC plug-in to work improperly. When the problem happens, you should stop using and delete the plug-in.

Since there is no warranty in this procedure, carry it out within the scope of your responsibilities.

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